[UPDATED] AFA Tour: The Sequel

11th August 2014

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Author: EMiNACyber

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As you would already know from this post, EMiNA Cyber is organizing a trip down to Singapore for AFA 2014. The registration has already opened since last week but we received some complaint about the previous post for not providing adequate details on the tour.

So here are thing that you should know about this tour.

Ticket Fees: RM280 (EMiNA Member); RM315 (MMU Student); RM330 (MMU Alumni); RM350 (Non-MMU)
Date: 5th – 8th December 2014
Time: 0700 (Departing) – 1900 (Back to KL)
Departure Location: MMU Cyberjaya

We are unable to provide you the name of the hostel that we will be sleeping in for the fear of the place being overbooked on the event week. What we CAN tell you is that it is a clean backpackers hotel with a good security and FREE FOOD. The free food are not much, probably some bread, cereals, milk and instant coffee but it should be enough to fill your stomach should you be hungry in the middle of the night during the tour.

The girls and the guys will be sleeping in a separate room of which you will need an access card to enter. Girls dorm slot is limited and upon availability. Each person will get a personal locker to put their stuff. The hostel is located in a walking distance to the Suntec Exhibition Centre but if you prefer to take the MRT, the MRT station is nearby to the hostel so you need not worry about having to walk the distance if you don’t want to.

EMiNA Cyber will also give you an EXTRA free day for you to enjoy Singapore on the last day so you can take this chance to go for a short trip to Universal Studio Singapore anywhere, at your own expenses. Do bear in mind you will have to gather back with the group or you will be left alone at Singapore. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, okay?

Are you interested in joining but are short in cash for the time being? No worries! You can book your seat by paying the non-refundable deposit of RM150 and pay the rest by the end of this October. The deposit is transferable so if you change your mind about wanting to join us, you can ‘sell’ your seat to somebody else.

>EMiNA Cyber is organizing an AFA tour for 4D3N
>tour consists of return transport + 3 nights accommodation + 1 EXTRA HOUR IN THE BALL PIT!
>to book the seat, you can pay a deposit of RM150

The seats are limited to 28 seats and as of 16 September 2014, 24 seats are taken. Do not wait for too long to secure your seat. Good things do not last a lifetime.

Questions? Feel free to contact the PIC below:

Lony Henry

Comments (9)

how much is the AFA ticket tho? :o

Who: Emina Member

When: 13th August, 2014 @ 2324 hrs

Hi, sadly Sozo haven’t announce the ticket price yet. Last year it was around 8SGD for the event, 20SGD for event+stage area. Concert is a bit more expensive. We’ll keep you updated about it.

Who: eXo

When: 14th August, 2014 @ 1155 hrs

wait preloaded MRT card?

Who: Elyn

When: 21st August, 2014 @ 1442 hrs

MAYBE. It’s unconfirmed.

Who: eXo

When: 21st August, 2014 @ 1700 hrs

How long does the bus trip to SG take?

Who: Avie

When: 23rd August, 2014 @ 0110 hrs

Usually it’s around 5 hours. So we’ll reach there around 12PM assuming we have no problem crossing the border.

Who: eXo

When: 23rd August, 2014 @ 0156 hrs

Do we get some kind of letter to be shown to lecturers as the proof of absence (due to club activities etc) ?

Who: eviar

When: 28th August, 2014 @ 1817 hrs

We can try to get the exemption letter from STAD if anyone need it.

Who: eXo

When: 28th August, 2014 @ 2238 hrs

I suggest that anyone cosplay as military or using guns and katana as sword, please let the committee know?
(what if THAT history repeated LOL)

Who: eviar

When: 2nd September, 2014 @ 2354 hrs