EMiNA’s Awesome General Meeting

14th June 2014

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Author: EMiNACyber

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Greetings audience. Welcome to EMiNA Direct 2014/15.

We at EMiNACyber with our warmest gesture would like to announce our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for this new academic year for EMiNA. Cheerio to the last year and Ohayou to the new year. To keep this a healthy and non-tobacco related message to be shared, we’ll be keeping our references and cheekiness at bay or by the least, at minimum. Please understand.

For you new recruits, whether or not you’re an anime frequent, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be having your share of non-Japanese media here. Even under fancy and glittery posters that we’ve stood for anime and manga during recruitment week, we also delve in video games, card games, Doctor Who or whatever den have you been gauging under all this while. So, you’ll blend in well perfectly in any instant, though our main drive has always been about anime and manga, so.. let’s keep these 2 on top of the priority list, ‘mkay?

Also, for those who are returning, have we ever told you before that we’re changing the presidency? Nope, this ain’t anything like ‘Les Misérables‘, and neither was there a huge cavalry of people blood-shedding on the battlefield equipped with anime posters and figurines determining the next power in line (even if there were, I doubt they will ever move any metre from their focal sitting point). Basically, it’s time for a new breed of ideas from someone new that could keep the club fresh and interesting, or at least that’s an excuse they’re using anyway. So, if you’ve been waiting since the last trimester for a new inauguration within the club, this is it. Who knows, there might be a new change of breeze going on in this club onwards that could do fancy for you.

To be more specific, please ogle at the list below:

Details for AGM are as follows:

  • Date : 25th June 2014
  • Venue : XR1001
  • Time 8.00 p.m. – who knows when will we end this meeting actually.

What’ll be expected of the AGM:

  • Games.
  • New Presidency.
  • Getting to know each other.
  • Getting to know the committee.
  • Some stuffs we planned to do on this year.
  • Get around kids! It’s bedtime story about EMiNA’s upbringing  by Fazri.
  • We got Shaun for our emcee (big IF right here), so get ready to MAKE SOME NOISE.

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Who: Yuyu !iMoUTo24s

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