AniManGaki 2013

1st September 2013

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Author: EMiNACyber

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AniManGaki, a better half of Comic Fiesta that has been set on its own trivial living since 2009, scraping his feet on making another ACG event which is superfluous in the beginning, has make another comeback with a new fresh theme that you can almost smell from every nook and corner of those lifeless lot that haven’t take any shower for god-knows how many years. This year’s theme is somewhat a combination of regal flair and japanese culture. I have no idea how they pulled it off to begin with, but that’s about it. The special stuff that you can do in this year’s event is beating a dude in a chess who’s multi-tasking with other players and decorating a table in making it more exquisite with anything that you can come up with in your mind.


We set our foot in front and begin to travel inside of the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre and heading our way straight ahead to the booth and bought the ticket without loafing around and starts to roam and dash about the compound of the event. It’s still in pre-initiate stage and none of the doujin artist had begun with their crafts yet. As time marches on, more of the booth had opened and out of nowhere, the creepers of unfathomable squeak who originates in their parent’s basement starts to circle around us and queue up in a neatly manner in front of the reigstration booth, fancied themselves with all sorts of custom shirts and dresses, It’s the attendees. Oh lo and behold, the most terrifying thing that could ever experience to any ACG goers, but what has be done can’t be undone, the unbearable must be endure as the endeavour could help a lot in future events.


For this year’s Day 1 stage schedule, we got a performance by Desu! And Harmonia. Both are an indie local band with a fantastic piece of stream with a bit allusion of their own customized version of an anime song. I couldn’t give much attention to what happened on the stage because I’m busy looking for pron, I knew there’s hidden somewhere in the event’s compound but, I didn’t managed to find one. I think the new activity into making AMG much obliged to be participated for this year is the AniManGaki Idol slot.


On the second day, it’s pretty much the same thing, except an interview with Tatsumi Inui from CureCos which I happened to be not interested with because I still couldn’t find my pron and the clock is ticking. I could promise you one thing, nothing much is different than before, it’s the same old same old. You can almost see the same faces since last year’s event. I’m not kidding, it’s déjà vu everywhere, I could’ve sworn that I could hear Col. Campbell yelling at me, “It’s a Time Paradox!”. Even the MC are the same, Shaun Lopez and that “other” dude. Can’t they pick any other people around in the community circle? I know that MC needs to have a good set of repertoire in English skills but if it’s remain in a homestasis state then people will be agitated and loathe it and I happened to be one of them.

The merchandise and anime goods are of course, the usual bootleg stuff that you would normally found anywhere around the crook of Malaysia’s “ACG” event. I bet that even 70% of the nendoroid figures arm couldn’t attached to its original location once it has been plugged out, heck I would even go as far to bet a thousand quids that every acquisition that you bought during the event is either “Made in China” or “Made in Taiwan”. Though, it’s a nice touch that they finally include something like gaming stuffs other than Touhou like last year. Sure, triple A games might not be the eye candy for any small and tepid ACG event because it’s non-anime related. But, look at Comic Fiesta, they’ve done it again last year and I think it’s better to add vore variant stuff to look and experience at for the future of AniManGaki.


When talking about bootleg stuff, you can’t miss reminiscing about VBG. The atrocious, yet popular company that single-handedly crippling the producers of the nation of the crooked teeth to its knees by its piracy and all of that sort. I guess Malaysia isn’t ready to support originality? But, who did? Most of the attendees who scouring around the event including myself do lives in penury but If you want something valuable out of your expenditure, then you better provide a good quality merchandise for the fans. Whenever I saw some bloke who stood out and bought from these type of companies, It’s just seems as if they are monopolizing these fans into buying their “crap” who knew nothing better especially the first-timer. The only merits that I could give to AMG is their friendly community. Of course, handling the event is one thing but having an actual social converse with the attendees is the crux of making them feels more welcomed and not awkward. But, don’t disturb me when I’m looking for pron. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.


In conclusive parable, it’s a better improvement from the last year’s and I could see the effort surging through the surmise of their confidence in bringing something different than any other ACG event, which still lacks in certain spot. The space allocation and the efficiency of using it has been improved since last year’s but a hyteresis to retain it’s lack of originality is a conundrum to anyone else. We’re hoping something good for next year, a round pot of well wish from everyone who attends it except me, because I haven’t found my pron yet, I knew it’s hidden somewhere in one of the doujin booths.

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