EMiNA Invades Animangaki 2015

30th September 2015

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Animangaki is a must-go ACG event that is once again back! And this year, they promised us something quite grand with special guest appearances from J-Rock band Zwei, international multi-talented veteran cosplayer Yaki, and so much more. So, we decided to invade the event and find out if it really was a worthwhile trip or not.

Before even entering the event hall, there were already hundreds ready for queue. Whether you were an early bird or on the spot ticket buyer, there was a line; however, this is normal for great ACG events. Enthusiasts and fanatics alike were high in spirits and great anticipation for the con. As we moved in, people were everywhere. From exhibitors rushing in to set up their booths to cosplayers putting the final touches putting on their final touches of makeup or accessories, it was a good day for ACG.


The MCs and the band performances were great to start up that morning. A shoutout to MC Shaun and MC Dante for keeping the energy high and fun throughout Animangaki. Faz also did an amazing job with their upbeat songs and whimsical performance. The opening ceremony was a great energy buzzer.

Actually, the entire event was well and alive with people. Every stage performance brought more and more energy. There wasn’t a single band performance where people weren’t either cheering or dancing along. Those at the front of the massive audience had the greatest fun to experience everything happening before their eyes.

photographer camps

When Zwei graced the platform, the entire hall was filled with electricity. Practically every person within the area flooded in to get a closer look of the rocking lady duo. How could anybody resist the magnetic charm of rock music these amazing ladies play? Not only were they incredibly talented but really awesome and nice. They even took a group selfie with the audience! How cool are they?!

The competitors of the singing competition were mighty fine as well. We witnessed the semi-final and final of the competition. We could easily say there were very good reasons that these amazing singers are the finalists. You had to be there just to hear how good these people were. Some of them came in, not only with an amazing voice but also spectacular performances that would make any diva proud.

cosplay competition

And what is an ACG event without cosplay? This year’s line up of cosplayers are event better than ever. Cosplay is getting ever popular and it was evident at this event. You could count all the Kaneki Kens and did everybody see that group of Star Wars cosplayers with actual glowing lightsabers? These were just walk-ins so the ones ready for competition time were beyond amazing. And because of that, this year’s cosplay competition was a hard choice. Great skits and masterful costumes put together, the judges had a tough time deciding the winner.

Then we were graced with the presence of the beautiful cosplayer who flew in all the way from China, Yaki, who gave her insight on being a veteran cosplayer based on her 13 years of experience. From the contrast of the cosplay community between China and Malaysia to even questions regarding her favourite colour, Yaki was both courteous and insightful with all of her answers. We were sure cosplayers gained as much insight of cosplay as much as we did.

Not all the fun’s at the stage though. Did anybody catch the life sized Ironman sculpture at the event? Those that didn’t go to this year’s Animangaki probably missed the biggest photo opportunity of the year. With a good angle, you could’ve tricked everyone into thinking you took a photo with either the actual Ironman or a madly awesome cosplayer. Either way, missed opportunity for those that didn’t grab the chance.

life size iron man statue
star wars lego

Not only that but there was a gaming console stop for all those gamers looking for some fun. There were PS3s all around for those who had the chance to snag a controller, of course. Most of the games were two player. Encouraging teamwork. Nice, guys!

console game

As with Animangaki, this year the Malaysian Touhou Brigade brought over Touhou Matsuri. The event itself is made by Touhou fans for Touhou fans and it really shows. The section itself is quite significant in size and the liveliness of it matches the main hall’s events. With booths lining down the smaller hall in a somewhat Bon Odori festival fashion, it really gives a sense of invitation to entire area.

touhou - bullet hell

And at this Touhou Matsuri, held the Danmaku Tournament and Hisoutensoku King of Hills Tournament. Both tournaments deal with two different styles of gaming from the Touhou game franchise. Between the exhilarating thrill of dodging the rain in Danmaku to the aggressive high energy fights in Hisountensoku, they were both sights to be amazed by in sense of skill of these players.

Now, we could never forget our favourite merchandise. Animangaki brought in a whole load of official merchandise booths this year that were just as abundant in content as the doujin booths. From life-sized blankets of favourite anime characters such as Eren from Shingeki no Kyojin to PVC figures such as nendroid and figma to even USB pendrive cards. There was an abundance of anime related wearable accessories so it was a great hunt for masks and pieces of jewelry and even swords from your favourite anime series.

original goodies

The doujin booths were also no short of great. With over 30 booths open this year, the amount of fan made content was high. Many of them featured quite a bit of Touken Ranbu doujin. From keychains, plushtoys and high quality prints, it was great to see the amount of creative effort put into the shows these artists love.

Speaking of art, there was quite a gathering at the Sketches booth near the stage. Sketches, the online art supply store whose booth you’ve probably seen somewhere around the hall, brought four established Malaysian comic book artist talents over and did a live demonstration. There was constantly a crowd in that corner, watching the masters at their work. Really, you get to witness how even though all of them are greatly talented but their style completely varies.

band performance - ark revolver
ending ceremony - free dance

With all good things, it has comes to an end. Animangaki had different plans and went out with a bang! It was an ending ceremony like no other. With everyone flooded at the stage, rocking out and having a good time. It certainly was a fitting closing for such crazy two days.

ending ceremony - free dances

And our thoughts on the event entirely?

best cosplay
bean bag screening room

It was certainly one worth waiting for. They really put their best into this year’s by adding more variety in things to do. Two days didn’t feel like it was enough to really enjoy the entire thing so that is both a plus and a negative. Overall, it was a really fun event and we can see the people behind Animangaki really put their efforts into this ACG event. We’re hoping to see what they come up with in the later years.

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