EMiNA – Society of Modern Visual Culture: Season 10

22nd June 2013

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Author: EMiNACyber

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Hullo lads and lassies! We’re assuming you’re here after you’ve registered to be part of EMiNA last Wednesday. Oh boy, do we have something for you. More after the jump!

First of all, we’re sorry that we forgot to print the time of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on our flyers. But that’s exactly why we forced that dull guy (the one who appeared after lunch) who was handling payments and receipts to smile and remind you to check out this website.

Anyway! Welcome again to EMiNA Cyber‘s digital HQ. We know you hate lengthy posts, so we’re not going to explain why this club is named EMiNA, why it was named so, who was at the helm during its early days, etc, etc. Let’s get straight to the point — this time we’re going to welcome you IRL, so we’re inviting you to our Annual General Meeting (AGM)! You’ll be getting your questions answered VERBALLY there.

2013 marks the 10th year EMiNA was established. 10 years man. 10. YEARS. We’ve certainly come a long way since. Big, big kudos to the oldfags for establishing this great club and putting it on the map of Malaysia’ ACG scene (read: surviving this long and keeping this club alive). We want this to be our most explosive (don’t take this literally) AGM ever. You’ll know why this AGM shall be a talking point in (nerd)years to come after this. But first, the details of the AGM:

Date: 25th June 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 8.30 p.m. onwards
Venue: XR1003

Before that, a simple thought — if you have a cute daughteru, what would you give her for her 10th birthday? What, an iPad? GET OUT OF THIS SITE. WHAT DO YOU GIVE A CUTE 10-YEAR-OLD GIRL FOR HER BIRTHDAY? THAT’S RIGHT, A CAEK (we’ll discuss about other cuter alternatives during our AGM). Do you like caeks? Come to our tea party and you can have some! If you don’t like caeks, we won’t give you any, hmph! B-but you can still c-come over.

Another simple thought — if you’re feeling dull during a meeting that’s supposed to be fun, do you want SOME NOISE? That’s right! This year, we’ll be having our good friend — the coolest, loudest friend anyone can have – Mr. Shaun Lopez, to be our MC. Rest assured that you’ll be getting some NOISE to spice things up a bit.

Hey it’s the 10th year of EMiNA, of course we have more than one special guest. Therefore, we’ve decided to invite ALL of EMiNA’s ex-presidents over! Let’s pray so that all of them can make it. Don’t you want to see your senpais who brought EMiNA to where it is now? You might as well mingle around and ask them how things were back then. Senpais always have interesting stories to tell, y’know.

Oh, here’s a friendly reminder that we will be opening slots to two upcoming tripsBon Odori / BO (6th July) and Culture Japan Convention / CJC (17th – 18th August). Therefore, before coming over to our AGM, please decide whether you’re going or not! We’d really appreciate it if you register on the spot, since we’re going to make the bookings and stuff (especially in CJC’s case). Besides that, we will also be handing out membership cards! Now you can proudly claim you’re a part of EMiNA – Society of Modern Visual Culture, the biggest ACG club in Malaysia.

Clear your schedules and come to meet up with fellow ACG enthusiasts. Plus we might go out for yumcha after the AGM — it’s a tradition y’know! This time we can do lewd things to each other sit down and have a lengthy debate over why your waifu is shit and whatnot.

See you on Tuesday!

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The caek is a lie.

Who: anon

When: 23rd June, 2013 @ 1526 hrs

Dammit >A> next time I guess *siiiiiighs*

Who: The Fluffy Chicken

When: 28th June, 2013 @ 2346 hrs

LOL how did my long comment shortened? OAO oh who cares, too lazy to type back Pfff

Who: The Fluffy Chicken

When: 28th June, 2013 @ 2349 hrs