EMiNA: Pizza Party Strikes Back!

22nd August 2016

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Author: EMiNACyber

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Doesn’t everybody loves pizza? A sweet round of fine Italian cuisine filled with hopes, dreams and calories are always on the list of what makes the world go round and it never ceased to bring joy to the people who consumed it. Now, we are proud to announce that EMiNA’s annual Pizza Party is back, and it’s now open to the general public of MMU! What is a Pizza Party you may ask? It’s a party. With lots of pizzas. Nothing to it. You pay a small amount of fee and you can have ALL the pizzas you can eat, by that, we mean a huge wheel barrel pile of it in a sorts. So what are you waiting for? We’ll have a booth set up on the 18th August at Central Plaza regarding the event or you can just drop by at our event location on the day of the event. It’s not just pizza though, we are bringing in quite a number of consoles and games for you lot to play while eating. So come one, come all!

So spread the word and join the biggest (pizza) party right here in Multimedia University. 😉

Details are as follows:

  • Venue: FCI Glass Room
  • Time: 8.30 p.m. – 11.30 p.m.
  • Date: 24th August 2016

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by any pizza company and the recipes used are of their own.

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