Bon Odori ni Ikou!

26th June 2013

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Author: EMiNACyber

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Konnichiwa minna-san! We’re feeling like moonspeaking with the approaching 37th edition of Bon Odori, so don’t mind us.

Organised by The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur and the Selangor State Office, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, Bon Odori is (God bless Wikipedia) a traditional style of dance performed during Obon. Obon is– eh, you might want to google the origin of Bon Odori, since we’re trying to make this short.

To put it simple, Bon Odori is a (religious) event that is associated with Buddhism in Japan. However, the Bon Odori that is organised here in Malaysia is more inclined to promoting Japanese culture (Bon Odori in Malaysia is mentioned in Wikipedia as well!). And that’s where EMiNA comes in — as the appreciators of Japanese culture! We managed to secure a bus for this trip, so good luck going there by yourself (summer brings out the tsundere in you). Details here:

Date: 6th July 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 4.00 – 10.30pm
Venue: Matsushita Stadium, Shah Alam
Fees: RM3 (member); RM5 (non-member)

Other than stumbling upon Japanese people and Japanese lolis (calm your inner pedos), you’ll also find all things Japanese here; it’s one of the biggest Japanese gathering outside Japan. There’s one thing tho — LIVITA. SERINGGIT. They know you’ll need more energy than usual to ogle at Japanese lolis, so energy drinks are dirt cheap there. It always has been.

And oh, EMiNA will be opening a booth for registration, so unless you want to drink 3 cans of energy drink *before* the main event starts, you might want to take a bus there. Find us at HB3 Food Court this week. We’ll be waiting!

Grab your yukatas, paperfans and Hannya masks (good luck with the stares), and prepare to go full weaboo (it’s okay to come out of the closet once a year)!

Comments (9)

Hah~ I prefer shota if they have there :D

Not sure if I’ll be going but if the senpai’s are going. Then perhaps I should highly reconsider my choice.

Who: Lewnett

When: 27th June, 2013 @ 1326 hrs

You should. It’ll be fun. :D

Who: eXo

When: 27th June, 2013 @ 1409 hrs

Fees tu untuk apa last time x ada pun

Who: Z

When: 28th June, 2013 @ 0029 hrs

Last time aku sponsor, sebab tu takde.

Who: eXo

When: 1st July, 2013 @ 0254 hrs

whr can i register for the bus trip???

Who: TYL

When: 1st July, 2013 @ 2242 hrs

I’ve fix the above post. You can drop by our booth at HB3 food court starting tomorrow until Thursday.

Who: eXo

When: 1st July, 2013 @ 2247 hrs

okk thx u~

Who: TYL

When: 2nd July, 2013 @ 1221 hrs

pffft.. Central Plaza much… kena tipu…

and anyways.. +1 for using shota images for the Bon Odori event! Inazuma Eleven no less!

Who: Lewnett

When: 2nd July, 2013 @ 2148 hrs

Shush! Unforseen circumstances, lol.

Who: eXo

When: 3rd July, 2013 @ 1137 hrs