Group Troops

8th July 2014

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Author: EMiNACyber

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Do you love the clickety-clickeroo like button that was pioneered by the curly hair dude on Facebook? Then, why not joining our group? It’s fun, it’s rad and it’s anything that you hoped for back in the 80’s like a high-waisted pants or a doofy hair for an example. So what differs this from any other iteration of EMiNA page that you’ve liked before? Well, it’s a bit fuzzy, so let me give you a better picture.

Our EMiNA page is for the exclusive thingy and the information ringy that you guys might slinky without rustling your bingy. Ok, we’ll drop the rhymes for now and give a better insight. Basically, the group is where we discuss random stuffs like, does Urobutcher have any feelings? Or better yet where is the bread toast in the recent Sailor Moon remake? These conundrums are there so that you guys would be forking more money on SPECIAL-BD-LIMITED EDITION with Director’s Cut Edition or IS IT? There’s no general streamline here when it comes to posting stuffs, you can post about Yaoi, YuruYuri, Traps or anything like, “is it true that Osama is Obama without the beard and fat lips?”. But, please for the love of Osamu Tezuka, do not post any kind of ads, be it non-tobacco or missing cats related, because we won’t tolerant dissent who spam our group or page alike.

So, does it sounds convincing enough? Well, click here to jump into our page and do something.. that is productive or discussing or talking or that thing-a-majig that you guys always do. Just join ok?

Love you.

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