EMiNA Wants You!

18th June 2013

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Author: EMiNACyber

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Hello guys and girls! Have we told you that we aim for global domination? We know our president will step down one day, and someone might have planned a coup d’etat by then, but eh. Live in the moment, they say.

Therefore! MMU has given clubs their chance to grab fresh meat (hello freshies!), so we are just one of the many clubs jumping at the chance. Of course, we won’t make slaves out of you, instead we are a collective on a mission (please follow along ;_;). We have stressed on this many times, but let us remind you again — we are your friendly neighbourhood anime club (with some members who love to hate on anime), so don’t mind about being fresh meat. Some of us here might be vampires in disguise, but we lust over 2-dimensional blood only. Don’t be scared!

MMU’s Recruitment Week (or we like to call it Fishing Week) will happen this coming week (although technically it will be just a one-day event *whistles nonchalantly*). Details here:

Date : 19th June (Wednesday)
Time : 10.00 am – 4.30 pm
Venue : Multipurpose Hall

We will of course be there to welcome you to the family! Watch out for a booth with cool posters and cooler displays and decorations (cool here depends on your taste, be warned, goodtaste-tachi). Stop by and check out various forms of (mostly) Japanese media that might interest you, and if you are hooked, feel free to sign up! Our member fees are cheap for a club that holds a weekly event y’know (*hinthint*).

See you there!

Comments (2)

I knew I shoulda joined this club back then *goddammit* (end up didn’t joining cos registered for 3 clubs that day, too many? hehe)

Who: The Fluffy Chicken

When: 29th June, 2013 @ 0004 hrs

3? During my Alpha year, I joined 7 clubs. Now, that’s a lot. :P

Who: eXo

When: 29th June, 2013 @ 0909 hrs