“We Sort of Met in a Meet-up.”

17th June 2013

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Author: EMiNACyber

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In a land, a galaxy, a dimension far away, a group of weaboos gather and watch stuff like Naruto and other ecchi-centric Japanese cartoons.

Um, the same can be said for us here in EMiNA, except the Naruto part (just kidding doesn’t change the fact that you’re a filthy casual if you do).

Welcome to the new academic year of 2013/2014, inhabitants of MMU Cyberjaya! Especially to the freshies, welcome to your university life’s thuglyfe animelyfe (warning : never take anime too seriously here). If you haven’t seen enough weirdos back in your hometown, you’ll be seeing more here.

Just to straighten things up, this site you are in is the digital HQ of your friendly neighbourhood anime club of MMU Cyberjaya, EMiNA – Society of Modern Visual Culture. Contrary to popular belief, we are not just an anime-watching bunch. In fact, we also appreciate all forms of modern visual culture, with a slight inclination towards Japanese media. Also, if you have been wasting your time on the weaboosphere webosphere instead of watching anime (shame on you), you should hear about this project named radioEMiNA. Yes, there is our name on it, but it is more of a joint collaboration with a couple of IT wizards (their actual age is not of our concern here). For more info, check out the radioEMiNA link near the header! We’ve been around for quite a while, but because we were too dangerous (rawr), fate decided to play some tricks by taking away our posts from back then. We are starting anew, and you are here to see us blooming again!


Other than that, stay tuned for more news about our activities. Worry not, for our committee, led by the #animepeople tribe leader Exo has been planning stuff to keep you getting excited over 2-dimensional characters (in some occasions, 3-dimensional characters (3DPDs excluded (maybe)) as well).

Last but not least, do remember that this club is merely hobby-driven, though quite ambitious for one, yes. Your studies should remain top priority. Period. EMiNA is just around to make your university life more than just spending sleepless nights on books and assignments. Don’t forget to have fun! FUN THINGS ARE FUN.

Ladies and gentlemen. The ride has not even begun to begin, but we’ll wait for you anyway. Even if you happen to be a non-MMU student or random passerby who lives nearby and wants to join the fun, hop on over!

Because IT BEGINS.

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