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24th July 2015

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Author: EMiNACyber

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“Give your meat a good ‘ol rubbin’… that’s it.. nice and hot.. hot and spicy meat huehue.. yeahh~ boy~”

– Ainsley Harriott

Ok, let’s assume that epithet won’t apply to this one, but say that we have something to circumvent your mundane daily life for a new breed of atmosphere when digging a variety of succulent meal that we have to offer, but nothing of the sort that is not familiar to those who are a frequent ACG-goers.

If you’re guessing a food stall, then you’re close. Something anime related? Not quite there. But, if you mesh them both then you have hit it out of the park. We at EMiNA are proud to present our first event for this academic year, Jump Cafe. It is a new take of a maid cafe but less the skirts and giddy act cause we’re going rowdy with our Shounen theme that goes in hand with Jump magazine. We’re talking about One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Ball and lots other, refer to Wikipedia if you’re lost, cause we know that some of you might get into Angel’s Eggs and some m-muh obscure anime that nobody ever heard before.

An array of cosplayers donned with the getup of your favourite Jump characters will be there and ready to take your orders and serve your food. The same can’t be said with the cook, cause.. you know, unless someone wants to be Guy Fieri or Gordon Ramsay, then we have nothing to say about them wearing a special costume. Speaking about the cook and the food, we have assigned the most valiant and hard-working cook to prepare their chef-d’œuvre, it’s possibly their finest meal known to mankind. Instead of writing a graphical description of how tasty it’ll be, how about we give you an insight as to what one of our cook has to say,

“It’s-a fantastique meal.. you-a love the touche de finition.”

– Faris Danial (2015)

The meal will be prepped with the proper theme aligned with their Jump series counterpart, needless to say everything here will be centralized on THEME. Yes, Theme! From the atmosphere, waiter/waitress, cook-at-work, room decor and right down to the food itself. In our eyes, we believe that we have pieced together something doozy and never has been done before (at least in Cyberjaya), we are keeping the prices suitable to hit the largest and right demographic target in the university and that is the student, and probably janitors and security guard, so don’t worry about losing your moolah.

So, if you feel like you wanna unwind a bit or just want a quick grub after a long and strenuous class or in-between them, then join us in FCI glassroom on 4,5 and 6 August 2015 ranging from 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. We’d love your presence and to serve you with remarkable decorum. Stay tuned with our Facebook page and Twitter account and Facebook Group page for further updates and what to come for the event. We are really excited to reveal the menu list.

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