Koe no Katachi Movie Outing

25th April 2017

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Author: Faris

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We’ll be having a movie outing within the nearest vicinity from the University to catch up with the latest sensational anime flick that just arrived on our local shore. Koe no Katachi started as a one-shot piece in February 2011 issue of Bessatsu Shounen Magazine written by Yoshitoki Ōima, due to its immense popular following afterwards, it began with serialization in the Weekly Shounen in August 2013 until November 2014. It was a smash hit amongst avid manga readers alike and as such was given a greenlit for an anime theatrical film adaptation by KyoAni (Kyoto Animation) and was released on September 17, 2016.

As it’s a movie outing, you’re more than welcome to join us at Dpulze Cyberjaya (TGV Cinemas) with the time at on Wednesday 26th April8.15 p.m. Do note we don’t reserve tickets or opening up a middle party payment for the ticket, this post is merely to invite everyone to watch the movie together (Dpulze cinema  can be quite empty at times y’know!). Also, as per usual of our never-ending anime club antique, we’ll be having a yumcha session

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