Mighty No. 9: Opening Stage Speedrun

18th August 2015

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Author: Faris

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Mighty No. 9, a wonderful treat by none other than the father of the renowned Megaman video game series, Keiji Infaune, brings back the excitement of playing our favourite Blue bomber but with a slight twist in terms of its design and animation. Since the debut of its Kickstarter fund raising page in 2013, the progress has been slow for them, even with the teasers released. It wasn’t not enough to satisfy the fans for what they pledged, and most of them ended up getting agitated regarding the completion status of the game. Comcept, having enough of being in secrecy for all those months, has finally showed us for the first time of what we’re gonna have in the coming month of September.

Let me just say this: It isn’t what anyone would expect it to be. It’s not bad but certainly not great. It’s rough around the edges and to be honest, they still have a lot of stuff to polish and maybe they’ll have to cut the dialogue a bit in between gameplay.

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