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11th September 2014

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The special appearance of stayxxxx was on the 2nd day of the AMG. Our media team with a generous help from one of our committees has made a stupendous transcription of the interview session itself. All of the questions below has been pre-defined by some sources as such from social media and messages.

The text has a literal transcription of Mandarin Chinese alongside with translation in English. The percentage of how accurate the translation may varied in English but lucky for those who understand Mandarin, that the transcription is guaranteed to be matching with the actual interview session itself but might be offset on some degrees because of some unheard sentences and noises which we take into account.

1. How do you begin to cosplay?

stayxxxx: ——然后那个时候,我就真的只是路人啊,然后扮的时候就站在最旁边然后,就看着他们我也不知道我要干嘛。

At first when I started cosplaying, I kind of just stand in the corner and look at other cosplayer. I also do not know what am I supposed to do in the event.

stayxxxx: 为什么要cosplay的原因就是因为那个时候看到社团的学长,学姐,都玩得很开心,那我就想说那就表示cosplay一定就是一个很有趣的东西让他们这么快乐,所以我很想要去感受这个快乐,我是因为这样子才继续玩下去的。

Why I wanted to cosplay is because in my club/group seniors, they are having fun cosplaying, so I think that cosplay is actually very interesting in a way that it could make them so happy, so I really want to enjoy the happiness in it and that’s why I’m still cosplaying until now.

2.Among all of the characters that you’ve cosplayed, which one is your favourite ?

Translator: 请问stayxxxx小姐你喜欢cosplay的主角是谁?

stayxxxx: 每一个我cosplay过的角色都是我最喜欢的。我相信所有的cosplayer都因该了解这种感觉,就是…其实cosplayer是很花心的。你今天喜欢这一个人,下一次哪一个动画呢你就会觉得那个人也好棒,每一个都想要当你的….就是….每一个都想扮,每一个都喜欢。那我自己办过的每一个角色我都非常爱。那如果是以最近扮过的最喜欢的角色大概是两个。一个是free里面的makoto?然后还有一个就是rivaille。

Every character that I’ve cosplayed before are the one that I liked. And I believe that every cosplayer also understand this feeling where ones is very unclear of which character that you want to cosplay. Maybe you like the character today, and the next time you watch another anime, you also think that the character is great, so you might want to cosplay all of them because you like them all. I love all of my favourite characters that I’ve cosplayed but if I have to choose from the one that I cosplay recently it would be 2 characters. One of them is Makoto from “Free” and the other one will be Rivaille.

3.  How many years have you been cosplaying?

Translator: stayxxx,请问你有多少年cosplay的经验。

stayxxxx: 大概七年,那因为我的身体不算很好所以有时候我健康不太好,有时候我就会暂停一下。那加起来的时间大概是七年。

Around 7 years, that is included with some hiatus in my cosplaying activities because of my health condition which wasn’t really well at the time.

4. All of your props and clothing, are they hand-made?

Translator: stayxxx,请问你cosplay的道具都是手工做成的吗。

stayxxxx: 衣服的话全部都是自己做的。然后道具的话除了武士刀以外全部都是我做的。

For the props and clothing, yes I made them by myself, except for one of the props and it’s the Katana.

stayxxxx: 那我现在身上穿着的这套衣服呢也是大概我全部手制的从上面到下面全部都是。那还有一个就是其实到昨天晚上在别馆里面我还在做着这件衣服的下半身。(笑)就是这边,这边以下都是昨天晚上做得然后我还边做边边还跟staff说如果我做不完的话明天下半身只能穿睡裤啦。

The costume that I am wearing right now is also handmade, from top to bottom. Actually, up until yesterday night, I was still making the bottom part of this costume in the hotel. *points the costume* From here to here, I finished it last night. I even told the staff yesterday that if I can’t finish it, I think I’ll just wear a pajama pants for today.

5. What is your favourite moment in cosplaying?


stayxxxx: cosplay我觉得最美好的一件事情就是…去年的时候我有扮过一个角色然后作品是Hellsing然后我扮了里面的一个角色就叫Alucard(or Akado in japanese),然后那个时候我update那个照片上facebook上面,然后有一天我就是,alucard这个主角的声优,然后我就发现他来我的fb留言,而且他跟我讲说,”你是我看过最棒的alucard”.然后还有一个就是,我还有扮过一个作品叫做Inu boku,然后我扮过那个男主角那就是御狐神,soushi。那,就是这个男主角,然后我把他发在我的twitter上面,因为twitter有个功能就是可以favourite,就是你收藏这张照片。那后来就是,我朋友告诉我说,inu boku的作者,他很喜欢他又直接收藏fav这张照片。那我觉得说以一个cosplayer来说你能够得到原作者或者是角色的声优的肯定,是非常非常荣幸的一件事因为没有人比他们更知道这个角色是什么样子。

I think one of the my best cosplaying experience was on last year when I was cosplaying as a character called Alucard from Hellsing and I uploaded the photo on Facebook. And one day, I noticed that the seiyuu of Alucard character commented on my Facebook and he said, “You are one of the best Alucard I’ve seen!” and another one is, when I also cosplayed as a character called Miketsukami Soushi from Inu Boku, the main character of the anime. I also posted the cosplay photo on Twitter. And you do know that there is this function in twitter that enables you to favourite a tweet. So later, my friend told me that the author/mangaka of Inu Boku favourited that tweet with the cosplay picture. I think it was the greatest pleasure for a cosplayer to be approved by the author or seiyuu because nobody else know the characters better others than them.


Will you be mad if I always let them to take pictures while you do the talking.

Translator: 不会不会ww

Not at all.

6. In your opinion, which is more important in cosplay? The costume or the feel of the character. Or is there anything else that should be respected/noticed?



For me, I think the basic of a cosplaying would be the costume. You have to settle the costume and then proceed with your make-ups and your wigs. Next would be how you portray the character, your performance of the character. Other than these two, I also thinks that personal features are also important. Something like what makes you different from other people when you’re cosplaying the same character, so what makes you special? I believe the costume of the character is the same but the people who wears it would have a different feeling. I think this is because nobody are the same, so showing what makes you different or special is also one of the important things as a cosplayer.

6. What is the most exciting anime or favourite anime for this year?


stayxxxx: Freeeeee!!

I am also wondering what is your favorite anime, can you tell me?

Audience: Freeeeeeeeee!!

7. Which is the hardest character to cosplay and why?


stayxxxx: Rivaille, 不是因为Rivaille的props很复杂。因为,其实rivaille的衣服还有他所有的props都一个礼拜就做完了。然后我就,最困难的是,Rivaille其实,说老实话虽然我这么的喜欢他真的不是一个很美型很漂亮的角色。他其实长得很怪(笑)。

Rivaille. Not because of his props, but due to the fact that I actually finished his costume and props in one week. The hardest thing to cosplay as Rivaille is, actually even though I like the character, I also have to honestly say that he is not really the pretty/handsome kind of character, he is actually pretty weird.

stayxxxx: 那我在扮的时候其实我碰过两个最大的困难点。一就是因为他很怪,那一脸好像永远都不高兴的样子。那样子我就要表现出一点也不爽,可是又不会太讨厌,就不会让别人看到他就想打他的….所以我就觉得这样很困难。然后还有第二个就是因为Rivaille你们都知道他都比较矮,我的身高超过他好像有点多,所以…就是要怎么样在照片呈现上让我看起来小一点,我觉得这个反而是我花最多的功夫比如说我会去调整我衣服的比例啊什么的,去让照片里的这个rivaille看起来就是跟他一样这么大个,我觉得这个反而是最困难的。

I actually had many problems when I’m cosplaying him, one of them is, he looks weird, and he always shows a face that seems to be unhappy for most of the time. So, when I cosplay him I also need to express out that annoyed face, but not hated by other people, like you don’t want to punch his face. So, I think this is quite hard. The second one is that Rivaille, he’s quite short and my height is taller than him. So, I actually made more effort on how to make me look smaller in photo-shoot and adjusting the proportion of my costume, to make the photographs of my Rivaille looks the same as Rivaille in the anime as possible, I think this is the hardest one so far.

stayxxxx: 还有一个很重要的就是你们都知道Rivaille看起来就是不爽的脸,看起来都每次都不开心的。可是我的嘴巴其实不笑已经看起来是在笑了。可能很多之前看过我的照片都会知道我的嘴角是翘起来的。其实我在拍照的时候我都会尽量不要笑,可是摄影师都是跟我说”不要笑不要笑!Rivaille不会笑!”可是我就说我已经没有笑啦。那后来我反而是用力把嘴角憋,就是用力把嘴角不要翘起来,所以我觉得这个,拍完这个我的脸都快抽筋了。

And one more thing is, Rivaille always look unhappy and annoyed, and my mouth looks like I’m smiling even though I am not. If you have seen my pictures before, you might noticed the corner of my mouth normally curves up. So I usually try not to smile during photo-shooting but the photographer still telling me “Don’t smile, Rivaille doesn’t smile!”. But I am not smiling, so what I do is that forced myself to make my mouth shut close and force my corner of my mouth not curving up. Because of this every time after photo-shooting I feel like my face is almost cramped.

8. Do you have any problems during any overseas anime event you’ve joined?



Well, last year I’ve joined an overseas event and there’s one time the staff told me that we’ll be going to the event hall in 2 hours, so I said OK. I should be able to prepare everything in 2 hours. So I kinda slacked off, until I reached my hotel and was getting ready to prepare myself, I found out that I cannot open my luggage. It was broken. And all of my costumes were still inside the luggage. I was panic and in the end, I just brutally open the luggage.

stayxxxx:然后我就觉得与其说到比较像这样的经验之外,我觉得有一个比较让人难忘的地方就是我觉得很多国外的朋友都很可爱,像我上一次去泰国的时候,就是在,Sign session的时候有一个女孩子过来找我,然后要求合照,然后因为那时候可以合照所以我就说好。那一般合照大家都是这样子拍,就那个女孩子就说,“Please bite me”.她说bite here.我不知道该怎么跟她讲(笑)。

There is an unforgettable ones that I also feel that overseas fans/friends/people are very friendly and cute, last time I went to an event in Thailand and during the signing session, there is this girl came towards me and requested for a photograph together. I’m fine because I was allowed to do so anyway and normally when people wants to take photographs together they’d normally come close to each other and take a photo but this one girl, she said “please bite me”. She said bite here *shows the location*. I really don’t know how am I going to react.

stayxxxx: 其实昨天有碰到一个我觉得很可爱的女孩,他也是昨天在拍照的时候,然后,在我的摊位上,然后那个女孩子也是,就是大家拍照的时候都是靠在一起拍,然后那个女生就她就坐下来然后我正要靠过去的时候她就说”打我”。我镇住,在想我听错了吗。然后她就怕我听不懂,然后她就跟我说”打”(with the pose)就是这样,打我。

I also met one yesterday, a very cute girl. She also requested a photograph together at my booth and again, normally when people taking pictures together we move closer to each other and take a picture. So this girl, she sat beside me, and just when I’m going to move closer to her she said “hit me”. I stunned, did I heard something wrong. She was afraid that I don’t understand and she told me ”hit” (with the action/pose).

stayxxxx: 那我拜托今天大家不要对我做这样要求因为我真的不能(笑)。

So please, I hope I don’t get this kind of request because I really can’t.

9. Did your face any problem from your friends and family when you started cosplay?

Translator: 请问stayxxxx你当初接触到cosplay的时候,有面对家庭或朋友的劝阻吗?

stayxxxx: 没有。甚至我妈妈是赞成的。而且我妈妈他会看,他会自己上网去偷看我的照片然后他会做评论。比如说他会跟我讲说,“你扮兵长好丑哦”然后或者是我觉得你就是因该扮黑执事。我后来发现只要我是黑头发红眼睛的角色他都很喜欢,像++(not sure)啊,sebastian啊,像kaname啊,vampire knight里面的kaname,像这种他都会说我很帅。然后主要是兵长,rivaille是比较丑的,不是漂亮的,然后我妈就会说你拜托你不要再cosplay这个角色了好丑!

No. My mother even supports me. She will look thoroughly of my cosplay pictures. Sometimes, she will also secretly go online and look at my pictures and made some comments about it. She’ll tell me something like “your Rivaille is so ugly” or something like, “you should really cosplay Kuroshitsuji”. Later, I noticed that as long as the character I cosplayed has a black hair and red eyes, she will love it, like Sebastian or Kaname from Vampire Knight. She told me that these characters are very good-looking. Since Rivaille is not really the handsome kind of character for my mother, she made a joke about begging of not cosplaying that character again because it’s ugly.

stayxxxx: 我妈妈还说我比我爸帅,他还说如果她早遇到我他就不会嫁给我爸。

My mother even once said that I’m more handsome than my father, if she met me earlier in her lifetime, she won’t be marrying my father.

10. Do you have anything you want to say about Malaysian cosplays?

Translator: 对于马来西亚的cosplay界有什么特别感想或意见,请向马来西亚的朋友说几句话。


I love you~ I love you guys. I feel that Malaysians are very friendly and everyone is enjoying this. To me, the most important thing in cosplay is when you’re enjoying it. If you can’t enjoy your cosplay and always feel competitive, then you can’t really feel happy with your cosplay efforts. I have been judging for quite a lot of cosplay competition, and I noticed that Malaysian contestants are really different compared to other countries. Because other countries they might only feel that it’s a competition, you need to compete with other contestant. But Malaysian cosplayers, they actually looked like they are enjoying the competition, they don’t really mind if they lose, they’ll still be happy with the results. For me, I think that is the most important aspect in cosplaying, to enjoy and be happy with cosplaying. Yesterday, I went outside to the hall and also saw there are a lot of Malaysian cosplayers, I think that their cosplay quality is very high. Their costumes, wigs or props are also well done, and most of them have their own special characteristics, I think that this is very amazing.

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