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6th January 2016

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Author: Faris

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Have you heard of the saying, the longer you’re staying in EMiNA, the further you’re straying away from God’s light? No? Neither do us, but it’s a complete made-up sentence for this kind of occasion. We’re not kidding, you might want to prep yourself with the kind of movie like Salo, Martyr or Cannibal Holocaust, cause it’s a long way down deep in abyss where we’re going tonight. Wanna have a taste of a Japanese Stephen King at work? Wanna know when Takashi Miike should take a seat and learn from a higher-echelon on how to pull a magnificent clean cut shots?

Then, buy some prata and snacks and what have you and head to CNMX 1003 at 8.30 p.m. tonight for some fun and educational live action movie on how to be a psychopath. Also, it’s our 2nd run of japanese live action movie screening, we might wanna do more in the future.

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