TouCon – A Touken Ranbu Convention in Malaysia

28th December 2015

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Author: EMiNACyber

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Have you heard of Touken Ranbu? No? Well, let us teach you how to be a fujioshi in 2016. For someone who has been surfing the net and looming around the otaku neck of woods for a while, there’s a high chance that you already knew (or not), but let us give you a meta for it. It’s a game that is popular among girls which is centered around a sage (or Saniwa as the game called it), the player, who travels to the past to fight the evil forces and has the ability to animate ancient swords into attractive young men, which is something that’s expected, given its target demographic.


Take Touken Ranbu as a rule 63 version of Kantai Collection. Instead of girl-ships, we have sword-boys and in terms of gameplay, it’s as the epithet above. It’s pretty much the same as an F2P collectible web card games that is running on flash. So, if you’re a seasoned player of KanColle, jumping into Touken Ranbu should be a cinch. Now with that done, let’s get to the crux of this post and that is about first Touken Ranbu convention that is happening in Malaysia and it’s organised by your familiar neighbourhood of anime fraternity, EMiNA Cyberjaya and a bunch of passionate Touken Ranbu enthusiasts.


We have lots of activities in our list during the convention entailing each core elements of Touken Ranbu such as an Art Competition, a Blacksmith Cafe, the Sword Graveyard, the Citadel Photobooth, a Fanfiction Competition, the Sword Runway and much more to come. It’s pretty much self-explanatory of what each of these activities are and by extension, you can visit our facebook page for the followup on the Art Competition. How about cosplaying? We love ’em! In fact, don your best costume on the day itself for the occasion, no restrictions nor limits and there will be aplenty of restrooms nearby for cosplayers to use, both for male and female.

It’s a one day shot of a convention which will be held on 30th January 2016 from 11.00 a.m. ’till 6.00 p.m. in Multimedia University Multipurpose Hall. Curious or anxious of how to get there if you’re not from the area? We have variety of well-thought routes which will be the cheapest and fastest for the commutation needs should you opt for it.

Getting there:
From Serdang KTM Station
>Take the Nadi Putra bus (502) or Metrobus (68) to Putrajaya Sentral
>Take the Nadi Putra bus (520) or (503) to MMU

From KL Sentral/Bandar Tasek Selatan
>Board the Express Railway Link (ERL)
>Stop at Putrajaya Sentral
>Take the Nadi Putra bus (520) or (503) to MMU

From Sinar Kota/ Mydin Pasar Seni
>Board the Nadi Putra bus (500)
>Stop at Putrajaya Sentral
>Take the Nadi Putra bus (520) or (503) to MMU

From Bandar Utama
>Board the Nadi Putra (506) from Bandar Utama
>Stop at Putrajaya Sentral
>Take the Nadi Putra bus (520) or (503) to MMU

Please note that the Rapid KL bus will only stop at the MMU bus stop outside of campus grounds. It is a 5 minute walk to reach the Multipurpose hall from there.
Alternatively, Taxis are for hire at Putrajaya Sentral that will bring you straight to Multipurpose hall.

Location and How-To’s of getting there is done and done, what’s left is the registration to secure your place in the convention. For those who want to pre-order  your entry tokens, please click this link, we have provided an eloquent explanation of how to make your payment. Fancy yourself to open a booth in the convention? Click right here.

Should you have any queries regarding the way of getting there, don’t hesitate to drop a message to our inbox at and we’ll try to fix an answer for it, and don’t forget to follow our Facebook event page for the future updates!

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