“U”ideo Gaming Session & Vanguard Cardfight!!

11th July 2014

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Author: EMiNACyber

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Remember back in the old Wii commercials about two Japanese blokes that “would rike to purei (play)”? Well, we sort of want to do something similar for next week’s activity BUT we would like U to play instead. Oy vey, it’s not an intentional “U”. Yes, U as in you guys. We would like you to play the Wii U, because we’re gonna bring in the console along with Mario Kart 8 for the next week video gaming session and you could get the best on-hand experience of Luigi’s death stare.

1080p of blue shell goodness are gonna swoop and dethrone your rank faster than you could say, “NintenD’oh”. Also, we’ll be having the Vanguard Cardfight session as usual. Hey, who said trading card games are obsolete? We didn’t, that’s why we’re jamming in the board on next week and duel it out. It’s a bit weird saying that line without reminiscing the ‘ol Yu-Gi-Oh but we’re pretty sure that you lot would understand, right? We have numerous exhibition of Vanguard Cardfight going on simultaneously, so you don’t have to queue and wait to play, or you can just stand there and be a spectator, both works fine!

So, we got Nintendo, ok! We got Vanguard, ok! Uh-oh what’s that, can you feel the tremors of excitement from the castle? Uh-doyy~ this’s not Beat Takeshi’s castle, this is Beatmania IIDX! We’ll be jiving with the Arcade version on next week. How could we fit all of these stuffs into one room? Had we consult with Bill Nye the science guy? No~ it’s cause we’re EMiNA, it’s our usual roll.

Just an fyi, this is a dire retort to the last 2 week’s retro gaming session and we’re thinking of giving you guys something that’s a bit extraordinaire and just isn’t common around here. We already know what kind of question that you’ve already had in mind and yes, everything’s free of charge as long as you’re the member.

Details are as follows:

  • Venue : FOE CR1026
  • Time : 8.30 p.m. – until one of you stress out after getting pinned so bad in one of the games.
  • Date : 14/7/2014 (Monday)

P.S. Please don’t bring greasy snacks along, the owner of the Wii U doesn’t like smudgy yellowy stain on his shiny Zelda Gamepad.

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