Vanguard & Video Games Session

30th June 2014
Please Understand

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Author: EMiNACyber

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Remember our Vanguard & video games session that we promised during the AGM? Consider it goes as planned because our committee has already listed out everything that we’ll be doing tonight. Anime charade and Guessing the song again? Nope, you’re in a totally wrong club if you’re thinking that we’re gonna re-use our materials back in the AGM for our activities unfolded here and the future onwards.

Main club activities for tonight are as follows:

  • Vanguard Cardfight Game.
  • Console Gaming.

Our Vanguard session will be held for anyone that is interested. In the context of ‘interested’, if it means that you may want to know how the game works without prior of knowing it, then you’re in the right place. Our Vanguard corner will be offering a tutorial on how the game will be played and maybe some primer for you lot who needs a refresher on the game. Besides a tutorial, you could duel out with each of the members and the committee themselves because who needs to learn how to play anyway? “Learning is for kids!” – EMiNAcyber (2014)

Under console gaming, we’ll be promising you several of the best multiplayer games on each console and yes, we’ll be bringing more than a console. Every console is an each of the Big 3, well.. used to be the Big 3 back then when SEGA is still a thing, cause y’know.. they’re dead now and only roll their game under Nintendo’s flagship. #TeamPleaseUnderstand

Below is what we’ll be bringing on this week:

  • PS2 (Sony)
  • SEGA Dreamcast (Say-gah)
  • SNES (Nintendo)

What games are we gonna bring along on the night of the video games session? Ever heard of Street Fighter II Turbo? No? How about Fatal Fury? Finally ring some bells upon the sweet 16-bit era? Still no? How about Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast? Really, no? Well, I don’t know what’re you guys been playing all this time and missing on these all-time classics, but these games proffer the best multiplayer experience out there, and still holds up as time passes by. Yes, you’ll be able to experience each and everything that is listed above on tonight’s Vanguard & video games session, so if you never played any Dreamcast or SNES games before, this is it.

Also, did you know that, most babies first words are “gah”? So, what we’re telling you right now is that even babies say “gah”. Did you get it? The verbal allusion to SEGA? (Just.. just go with it.) So, that is why we’re bringing the SEGA Dreamcast over for your pleasure tonight as you can experience a console that is deemed fit but lost in time and money from the company.

Details are as follows:

  • Venue : FOE BR 1020
  • Date : 30/06/2014
  • Time : 8.30 p.m. – when the guard is standing before the entrance door and waiting
  • Attire : Casual
  • Fees : FOC

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