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14th August 2013

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Author: EMiNACyber

Category: Activities

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing fine, how were your midterm breaks? Did you go to Comic Fiesta Mini up north in Penang?

Anyway, after two weeks without screening (because you guys decided not to come on the week before the midterm break), we’ll be having another screening as usual this Wednesday (it IS weekly, after all).

Here are the details:

  • Date: 14th August 2013
  • Time: 8:30PM onwards
  • Location: XR1002

We’re still showing the series we’ve shown before, no sudden changes in the screening lineup here.

  1. Suisei no Gargantia
  2. Aku no Hana
  3. Free!
  4. Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

Hope you guys can come over and enjoy!

Comments (2)

It seems I can’t attend to the screening cause of a group meeting discussion…

I will hopefully wish that there’ll be quite a few people going so it wouldn’t get cancelled..

Who: Lewnett

When: 14th August, 2013 @ 1939 hrs

It seems that the meeting was cancelled. Well then, I can make it then.. and hopefully I’ll not procrastinate in my room and go…

(P.S. What the helk is up with the anime screenshot above? you guys made it look soo inappropriate)

Who: Lewnett

When: 14th August, 2013 @ 1942 hrs