Relocation of XR1003

Due to maintenance on XR1003, all activities there will be moved over to the Gallery on the 1st floor of Grand Hall.

As it might be a bit hard to find, this is a quick guide on how to get there.

Images can be enlarged by clicking on them.


1. Start out from XR1003, which is now locked.


2. Go to the center part of the Central Lecture Complex, and go to the back of the complex here


3. Walk down the stairs behind the complex.


4. Turn left and walk forwards.



5. Walk forwards to the back of the Institute for Postgraduate Studies


6. Turn left. You should see the Grand Hall. Walk up the slope.


7. Enter the hall using the glass door.


8. This signboard should be on the front of the hall.

Once you are inside, there should be a noticed placed by ERU describing the relocation, along with arrows pointing to the new location.

It should be on the 1st floor, to the left as you get off the stairs.